Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Infection -DONE-

The Infection! I've been working really hard on this animation for a month. It look pretty awesome. For my first storyline animation I find that is a really great start. I loved to shot this animation because I played with the effects and it turned out great!

More animations are coming. I'm thinking to make a chrismas one.


  1. Wow Alex !! You really upgraded your animation skills on this one. It's really smooth and all the effects are very well done. I really like the camera movement at 0:38.

    I liked your morphing animations but this one is very stunning. Notice h...ow it's better when your animation is telling a story with a plot. You use good camera angles and by seeing your fast progress, i can't imagine what's you will accomplish in the next few months.

    Keep up the great work man !

  2. DUDE! Great job, man! That was really well done. The clay guys really convey a lot of character. Keep it going, man. You've got talent!!!

  3. It came out great man!!