Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bad Super Power -UPDATE-

I've been taking a break of animating for a week.  I was a little bit busy with shcool and stuff.  I was having 30 seconds done.  now I have 32 seconds done.  WOW.  I know its not a lot after a week off.  Anyways it turn not exactly what I wanted.  I might re-shot those two seconds.  But the effect I want to create is awesome.  I hpoe it will be done this week.  I don't have a lot of shot left.  But the fact is that I have to find sound effects and music.  It should be the most exiting animation I've ever did.  It suposed to have a solid story, but I don't know.  It will probably end that the two clayguys mix togheter and start to morph.  HAHAHA.

Well there is some pictures


  1. hahaha, that looks like awesome!!!! I am very lucky because I know the effect you talk about. Just do what you say and it will be awesome. For your music, I find something to you. Go visit : . I hope that will help you. And for sound effect you can use soundsnap? Oh and don't forget to go see my new site : . I want to buy a .com domain.... I have to :)

  2. Llamaboy here! dude i can't wait, if your looking for sound effects, search A1 sound effects, some of them aren't perfect, but there are some good ones, so i hope it will be done soon, good luck!

  3. Can't wait to see that completed Alex !

    Here's my favorites sounds & music links

    For free sounds :
    For free music :

  4. Thanks Vincent! Thats exactly the thing I was searching about. Many thanks.