Thursday, March 29, 2012

John Carter in 10 seconds

Hey guys!  Here's my fifth experiment with Flash.  It's about the movie John Carter...  Enjoy

It seems like my views are slowly getting down since I started experimenting with Flash...  I guess people get bored....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flash Animation

Hey folks.  I hope you're doing well, cause I don't really.  Only because I've got the flu,  it sucks.  BUT!  Everything is alright exept that.

It's been a while since I wanted to use flash, but I couldn't find anyway to get the software.  But, I recently got the software.  And I am accully experimenting and discovering how it work.  Cause I am not really familiar with computer animation.  I've done some tries with Blender but it wasn't really a success.  But it wasn't that bad.  

I made something for my first try at Flash, but I can't really show you right now.  Anyway it's in french bot I'll try to put subtitles and upload it sometime.

I also made this in reaction of the permanent change of the channel desing witch I think really sucks.  

I also made this animation.  It's a random idea from my friend and I decided to animat it!  :)

So tell me what you think about these videos!  See ya later

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey peeps.  How are you doing?  It's christmas time already!  :D  No shcool for 20 days.  That freaking awesome.  I always forget to post things here.  I thaught that I'd post all my videos here but I always forget...  Anyways.  I've made a couple of videos since the last post.


I made this quick video to thanks my subscribers for 3000 subs.

Epic Fight

This is the first claymation in a while.  I worked really hard on this one.

Angry Teenager - THAC 9

THAC stands for Twenty-four Hours Animation Competition.  You have 24 hours to script shoot edit and upload.  I decided to make something this year.  It was supposed to be longer but it was late in the night and I had to sleep.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Animations. And Stuff

Hi guys!  What's up?  I'm really happy to tell you that I'll try to be active on my blog!  YAAAAY!  Isn't that a wonderful news.  First thing.  I made a video with my face to tell things to people.  That includes you guys.  So please check it out, it talks about my shirts, 2nd Channel, Blog and my Vokle live show.

I'm only selling shirts becasuse of this: I made a shirt for myself, without an online store, because I thaught it'd be cool to have a shirt with my username on it (and it is). And I told people about it and they told me I should sell those. So I did. But I don't expect to sell more than 0. HAHAHAHAHAH. so, yeah.

I also made an entry for an Animation Challenge on bricks in motion. It basicly works like on animate clay. The winner of the previous Challenge pick the theme and select the winners and so on and so on. The theme was painting. I made this in like two days. The hardest part was to make the two minifigures walking in the same time. Tell me what you think! :)

That's pretty much it.  I'll try to update this blog as often as I can.  Please if you read this, leave a comment so I know you read this.  If there's no comment it means I'm forever alone :( LOL see ya guys!  :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's Happening?

Hello guys,  I thought I'd write a little article to tell you what's going on at this moment.  I don't post more than my videos and a couple of words here.  That's because I don't really have time.  I have to keep my Twitter and Facebook Page active at the same time, so it's really hard to keep everything constantly updated.  Also, this blog is under one of my other e-mails for some stupid reason.  So, when I loggin here it disconnect my YouTube and it's kinda annoying.  That's another reason I don't post often.  But I'll try to make it alive a little bit more.

Halo MegaBloks made a toymation contest in august.  Someone pmed me to tell me that I should enter and I had chances to win.  So I checked details about the contest and it turned out that the prizes were awesome.  But right when I wanted to start animating, my camera broke.  And I heard a lot of people were using Logitechs webcams to make stop motion animation.  So I bought the c910.  Wich is the best webcam in the world right now.  It cost about 119$.  It shots 1080p pictures and video.  It tooks one month to finish the film.  The time limit was 2:00.  I made it exactly 2:00.  :)
Here it is:

I uploaded my video to the website.  The way the contest worked it that from Septeber 26th to October 16th was the voting section.  People could vote once a day everyday.  And then on the 16th, they would take the 10 videos with the most vote and take them to the top 10.  And then from October 17th to October 25th, the juges decided who come fist, second and third.

Sadly, I didn't get in any of these places.  But I have to admit that the first two entrys was amzing. I just don't belive third place should have been third place.

I'd like to say something like it doesn't matter it was a great time animating, but it was horrible.  I hated animating those toys.  They were like imposible to look realistic.  They can move in so many ways.  But you know.  I can say it was an experience.  Also this animation was the really first animation I did with a stop motion software I used to just take the pictures and take them to my computer after, with my old camera.  Now I animate with monkey jam (waiting to get something better) and it's awesome to see the previews frames.  The sad thing is that there is not onion skining in MonkeyJam.  It's really better than nothing for me that have animated over a year with being plugged to a computer.

Also, one last thing.  I spent the last week working on my Halloween Special.  It's called "Middle of Nowhere" I worked really hard on it.  Please tell me what you think about it.

Thanks for reading!  (if you acculy read the whole thing that's amazing).  And the section of the Blog "Animation Works" has been updated.  So there is my best animations overthere.  See ya next time!  :)