Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gerald's Last Day

Guys.  I just receved the DVD I bought from Justin and his awesome family.  This totally blew my mind.  And I'm so glad to having buying it.  I wanted to do a little review of it.  Justin and Shel did an amazing job making it.  I enjoyed the film so much.  I animate.  I love animation.  And I know that when I see this there's so much work on it.

Thanks Justin and Shel to have made the special feature.  Because I'm following your Blog for about two months, and I wasn't that much into your world.  But with the special features, I could get a lot more into your familly and your stop motion project.

I totally love the expression of the character.  Espessially Gerald.  With the face replacement, it was pefect! The way lipsinc was done is really nice!  The set is amazing.  Seriously,  evrything was perfect, the sets was insane, puppets are genius and awesomly animated.  When I think that at the very begining you didn't know anything about stop motion animation and you bring the magical feeling I have when I watch a stop motion animation, but 100x better!  The easing in and out.  You was in perfect control of the timing.  Evrything was as it should be.

When Justin said the secret was taking care of each frame, I was crying of happiness.  That's what evry animator should know and do.

The foam latex looks amazing.  If it's that much amazing that you are saying I must check it out ;)

Justin, Shel and the others wonderful job.  Keep having fun.  Enjoying life and not sleep.  haha.

I just can't animate in my garage...  It's sad.

But not that much...


Mini Ramp FTW!  haha.  My dad and myself enjoy skateboarding.

Good bye

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  1. nice review! i can't wait to get this!

  2. B-C rider!!.Alex you are doing a great job with all your animation projet.

  3. man...thanks so much man!!!

    and awesome ramp setup.....wish I could session it with you guys.

    maybe if we ever come to canada?