Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wires and Armatures!

I just bought those wires on a Cadadian Tire.  For experimenting on armatures.
I quickly made something with it.  I was exited.
I know it look awesome :D
But he is pretty big.  He would probably falling down at each frames.
Check instend of my hand.


  1. Looks great, Alex! Glad you found some wire!

  2. Yeah ! It's looks very nice. I'm not familiar with claymation, but wired armatures must helps to keep the figure in the same shape as you moves it. I also have galvanised wires but i should do some reading before doing my first armature, because stopmotion animators usually works with aluminium wires. I'm not sure it's because of the light weight or because of the fact that they are harder to break after many movements.

  3. Thanks Jon!
    Thanks Vincent!
    I don't know that much on wire either. I don't think it will work great with clay. you know the wire is moving inside the clay. I will maybe try like JON. Baking the clay. Like with sculpey or fimo. I really think that I will continu to work with out wire i don't need it. I was just experimenting. I don't think this cheap peace of wire will change my way to animate.

  4. looking good man!

    I'll be watching...


  5. nice armature looking good! :D keep it up man this is great!